2018 Fall/Winter Welcome Guide
Posted By: Roger Estlack - 9/6/2018 2:56:47 PM

The 2018 fall/winter edition of the Clarendon Welcome Guide is greeting visitors and newcomers to Donley County this week courtesy of The Clarendon Enterprise in cooperation with the Clarendon Chamber of Commerce.

The 56-page, magazine format guide features welcomes from Mayor Sandy Skelton, Donley County Judge John Howard, and Clarendon College President Robert Riza as well as Clarendon School Superintendent Mike Norrell and Hedley Superintendent Terry Stevens. The guide also includes information on local events scheduled through February 2019.

“We’re very proud of this publication, and we appreciate the support of all the local businesses and organizations who purchased advertising space in this endeavor,” said Enterprise publisher Roger Estlack. “This has proven to be a very popular publication, and it continues to grow with each edition. The first guide three years ago was 36 pages, and it has now grown to 56 pages.”

The Welcome Guide has maps for the county and the cities of Clarendon, Hedley, and Howardwick with locations of popular attractions and landmarks marked; lists important information and contact numbers for those cities and the county; and provides contact numbers and information for local schools, and health care providers.

Local churches are listed in Guide as are local real estate agents and rental properties. Greenbelt Lake and the Clarendon Country Club are featured prominently, as is the Saints’ Roost Museum. A directory of Chamber member businesses and organizations is also published in the Guide.

In addition to being placed in local restaurants, hotels, and convenience stores, the guide is placed in welcome bags for various events and delivered to area visitor centers, the State Fair, and to state-run travel centers across Texas. 

Nine new members joined the Chamber last month as a direct result of the guide, which is also available online at ClarendonTX.com/visitorguide. The Welcome Guide is updated and published twice each year. The spring/summer edition will be printed in March.

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