City of Clarendon

Incorporated in 1901, the City of Clarendon is a "Type A" General Law municipality governed by a Mayor and a City Council comprised of five aldermen, who employ a city administrator to oversee the day to day functions of the city. The City of Clarendon provides water, waste water, and sanitation services within the city limits and in some areas outside the city. In addition, the city funds or operates Prospect Park, a volunteer fire department, a public library, and a recycling service. The city seeks to implement policies that foster a clean and safe environment appealing to residents and visitors.

City Council

Sandy Skelton, Mayor

Jacob Fangman, Mayor Pro-tem

Terri Floyd, Alderman

John Lockhart, Alderman

Larry Jeffers, Alderman

Eulaine McIntosh, Alderman

David Dockery, City Administrator

Machiel Covey, City Secretary



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